Brightening Set

Brightening Set

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Let beauty hit you perfectly in a Combo package with our marvelous Mival Brightening Set. This Set allows you to get the perfect package of beauty in a single pack at an unbelievable price. So what are you waiting for??? Make this amazing Brightening set a compulsory part of your Skincare routine and gain beautiful and radiant skin forever. The Package includes the following skincare products:-

  • Skin Tune Serum: - Enriched with almost 100% natural ingredients, this Skin Tune Serum shows remarkable results in giving a luminous and glowing skin.
    • It improves your skin tone and enhances the overall health of your skin cells and sanctifies you with smooth and even skin.
    • It improves the blood flow in your skin and thus assists in a natural glow and shine to your beauty.
    • The serum is highly effective in fighting against dark spots, pigmentation, and scars.


  • Gold Brightening Soap:- Enriched with all the effective and quality skincare ingredients that add perfect moisture to your skin.


    • Helps to remove all the dead cells from your skin leaving behind smooth and luminous skin.
    • This soap is easy to use and being highly effective, demonstrates amazing and instant results.
    • It helps reducing Acne and Aging signs such as fine lines and wrinkles from your skin.
    • It improves your skin tone and adds a perfect radiance to your appearance. It combats hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, sunburn, Melasma, and dark spots.